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Alcohol Free Box – 10 beers


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Our Alcohol Free Beer Box containing 10 beers from non-alcoholic specialists such as Nirvana and Good Karma Beer Co.

An example box could look like:

x1 Lervig No Worries IPA 0.5% (330ml)

x1 Lervig No Worries Grapefruit IPA (330ml)

x1 Good Karma Happy Pils 0.5% (330ml)

x1 Pohjala Prenzlauer Raspberry Sour 0.5% (330ml)

x1 Pohjala Tundra IPA 0.5% (330ml)

x1 Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale 0.5% (330ml)

x1 Nirvana Stout 0% (330ml)

x1 Rothaus Tannen Zapfle Pils 0.5% (330ml)

x1 Sport Zot Belgian Blonde 0.4% (330ml)

x1 Howling Hops Bloom Tone Pact PA hopped with Strata + Citra 0.5% (440ml)

Some beers can be changed if you prefer lighter options etc, just add message with details.

The beers shown in the picture may vary based on what we have in the shop at the moment due to the nature of buying small amounts from independent breweries.


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